The history of the luxury Italian shoe ...

Academy in the 70s

Academy was founded in the early seventies by the great technical experience in the production of Italian luxury shoe. The three founding partners join forces and successes to create a synergy that has been able to establish itself and to carve out an important global market share in the luxury shoe industry. From the 1972, indeed, Academy changes its reality, moving from a small workshop to a company structured, with responsible marketing and quality control, focusing more and more on innovation of its products and collections.

The Italian shoe in the world

Academy in the 80s

Since the early 80 Academy takes on a international flavor starting exports to the US, Japan, Western Europe, Arab countries and Australia. After the political changes of '89, strong of a decade-long experience in the world market, Academy decides to expand its borders and introduce to the countries of Eastern, China and Russia.

The Italian quality

Academy today

Realizing immediately the needs and taste of these countries, so will experience an immediate success thanks to the flexibility shown to customers and always keeping your high quality standard in all stages of production, from sales to delivery. In confirmation of this is the widespread presence today in cities across the Eastern European region and the countries of Russian influence.

Art, creativity and passion

Accademia of Venice

The name, inspired by the famous Venice Accademia, where arts education is key feature and hallmark of creativity, It has increasingly characterized this brand notoriety, reliability and public favor. Admire and wear a pair of shoes Academy somehow revives the passion, ingenuity and technical own a work of art. And 'proudly fact that all the Academy team claims to play its part driven by a strong artistic passion for shoes.